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Let the games begin!

A new post here! I can hardly believe it myself

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day

I know the picture is dark but I was trying to capture it in true fashion with the cozy lighting and Perry Como playing in the background.
 We had a good Christmas this year, as we always do.  We adopted the mantra this year of Something you want, need, read, and wear.  We also then did a Santa gift(in addition to the 1 want) because  didn't want all the fun stuff coming from Santa :)
The Must do pose at the top of the stairs before seeing the goods.
 I slept like a baby as I always do on Christmas Eve.  In fact this year I think I almost felt bad about it, because I know so many who are restless all night because they are so excited!  I guess I'm just tired.

I think Ethan was surprised at his Bow and Arrow!

Jane kept asking for a "pony" for Christmas, and Santa delivered.

A pretty cute cowgirl

Some big excitement over a candy cane

 Kate was really funny this year and she only kept asking for "cowboy boots for my doll".  She has a fake American girl doll and boots where all she wanted.  How could Santa just bring some teeny tiny boots? So instead he also brought Kate a horse for her doll and her own cowgirl boots.  When we were in Jersey Kate had some red cowgirl boots that she wore all. the. time. She loved those boots and we were sad when we had to retire them, so I was thrilled that Santa found her some new RED cowgirl boots.
Showing the new boots

 Anna is at a tricky age and wanted a laby which is like a kids ipad, but we have decided to try to put of the technology for as long as possible.  They are kids and I want them to still have to be creative and not be plugged in until we absolutely have too.  So instead of a Laby, Santa brought Anna Ruthie, another American girl doll.  I was hesitant to buy buy these dolls but Anna loves her Julie doll that she got in New York for her 6th birthday.  We figured Julie would love a friend.

 I'm far to cheap to buy the "real" American girl stuff since the accessories all just get lost or broken anyway, so thankfully target had this darling kitchen that the dolls could play in.  Anna spent all morning "organizing" her kitchen.  Like mother like daughter.
 For the read I choose 3 books each for the kids.  Picking the books is one of my favorite things to do.  I research for days or even a week or so looking for the perfect books for each child.  Since I'm not a big fan of "stuff", books save the day because they are something we all enjoy for many years and I never want to throw them away.  It was really fun because as soon as Jane opened one book she climbed in my lap and wanted me to read it to her.  Then another and another.  I figure I want to give the kids things of value and I think trying to have them love books and reading is one of the best things we can do.  
 In addition to Ethan's bow and arrow, he also got a wii game.

Funny Story:  Naturally Ethan wanted to try his Bow out.  Rand took Ethan out in our "backyard", to give it a try. Apparently one of his arrows went right above the target and ...Thru THE FENCE.  It got stuck at the feathers, but we now have a nice "peep hole" in the fence.  I guess it was good for us to learn early on how powerful the bow actually is.  Now they practice in a  much more open area away from people, and fences!
 For our "need" this year we all got 72 hour kits.  instead of giving the kids their kits I just wrapped up each of their headlamps. For the "wear", I bought the girls a cute sweater/sweatshirt, and much needed new jeans/pants, and Ethan requested some all weather moccasin shoes.

After opening presents and having a little something to eat, we went over to my parents for our traditional Christmas brunch with all my siblings and their families.  This is one of my favorite things about Christmas because it's the same tradition that we had growing up and it says Christmas to me.

One of the really fun surprises at my parents house was that my Mom surprised all the men by buying them tickets to a major league baseball game in April in San Francisco.  Mark, lives in San Francisco so it will be fun for all the boys, meaning Dad, my brothers, Rand and the only 2 grandsons Ethan and and a cousin Calvin just a year older than him.  Mom gave the boys their tickets with a baseball hat and a box of cracker jacks.  Last year, my got tickets for all the boys to go to a BYU football game at the new stadium in Dallas.  Ethan was SO excited to be lumped in with the "men" last year, staying in a hotel, and eating at good restaurants.  I think this kind of gift that makes such a special memory are the very best kind and I'm so excited for them.
This is Ethan sporting his new hat.  We told him he could wear it but not like Bieber or a gangsta...

After my parents we went over to the Wilson's house and ate some good soup and exchanged gifts.  We were the only ones over there at the time so it was nice to just sit and talk with Rand's parents and enjoy the afternoon.  The kids were getting worn out and wanted to get home to play with their presents we we got home about 5 or so.

In previous years I have felt like Christmas night is a bit of a downer because we are home by dinner everybody's tired but the day is all over basically after all the work and stress and preparation for months.  This year I had one gift left to unwrap and it was the movie "Brave".  It was perfect because we sat together as a family and watched it and the kids were able to play if they wanted too.  the kids were in bed at almost their normal bedtime and Rand not far after.  Admittedly I stayed up late just not quite ready to admit that Christmas this year was all done for.  I think for the Mom's who do most (all) the work it's a little hard to just say, "well, I guess that was it!"

Humorsly though, by the next morning I was ready for Christmas to be over so down went the tree and all the decorations.  I LOVE how bare the house looks when it's all gone.  The Christmas decor is beautiful and fun but in time the extra clutter makes me crazy.  The bare house feels like a new start for a New Year, just the way I like it. 

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Fall Craft with Grandma

A week ago or so we got an unexpected knock on our door.  It was Grandma W!  She came with supplies to make a quick fall craft, way fun.  We made these cute little acorns from Our Best Bites of course.  The kids thought it was great to make and then eat their craft.  That's certainly my kind of project.  Thanks Grandma for stopping by with something fun for Fall.

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